Law and Policy

Law & Policy will provide you with any of the legal information you need, including policies, notices, rules and laws. In this section you will also find information about current and concluded hearings, orders, exemptions and more.

The Commission has several ways of communicating information to the public and industry:

Notices provide general information. A notice may be used to communicate answers to routine questions received by the commission, clarify processes and procedures, or announce new projects.

Policies provide guidance about how a rule, regulation or other legal requirement will be applied or interpreted by the commission. In most cases where the commission enacts a rule, it also adopts a policy. A Companion Policy is issued to explain the operation of a National Instrument or Multi-Lateral Instrument that is adopted throughout Canada.

Rules are legal requirements of laws. When a rule is being enacted in more than one Canadian province or territory, it is also referred to as a National Instrument or Multi-Lateral Instrument.

The Manitoba Securities Commission administers The Securities Act and The Commodity Futures Act. 

The Acts and Regulations are available online free of charge on The Manitoba Laws website at

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Phone: (204) 945-3103