Complaints & Guidance

The Manitoba Securities Commission conducts enforcement actions to protect the public and facilitate confidence in markets. Enforcement actions are conducted in cases where an investigation has found evidence of a possible violation of law or where activities appear to pose a risk to the public.

There are several types of enforcement actions:

  • If the activities of a salesperson or firm registered with the Commission pose a risk to the public, the Commission can restrict, suspend or cancel a registration.
  • If a person illegally or improperly promotes the sale of securities to the public, the Commission can order that person to stop trading in securities.
  • Public companies are required to disclose information to the market. The Commission can stop the trading of securities of a public company in situations where information is inaccurate or missing and where the rules have not been followed.
  • The Commission can decide whether an order should be issued requiring repayment of a financial loss to a member of the public (up to $250,000 per claim).
  • The Commission can bring prosecutions to court where there is an allegation of a violation of the law. If found guilty by a Judge, the penalties for these offences may include a fine, imprisonment, or both.