Law and Policy

Securities Law & Instruments

Orders and Exemptions

This section contains the Orders issued by the Commission under The Securities Act and The Commodity Futures Act. The Commission may issue the following types of orders:

  • Exempting persons from certain requirements of The Securities Act;
  • Orders to cease trading in securities;
  • Blanket Orders which are of general application; and
  • Orders issued in respect of administrative hearings of the Commission.


The Commission issues notices to advise both industry and the public about regulatory developments. The Commission welcomes input from any interested party on the content of its notices, and any matter of interest to investors and the markets.

Rule, Instruments and Policies

The Manitoba Securities Commission has the authority to enact Rules and Policies. The Rule-Making Procedure Regulation came into force on January 1, 1998.  To search current legislation, see example.

1 - Procedures and Related Matters
2 - Certain Capital Market Participants
3 - Registration Requirements and Related Matters
4 - Distribution Requirements
5 - Ongoing Requirements for Issuers and Insiders
6 - Take-Over Bids and Special Transactions
7 - Securities Transactions Outside the Jurisdiction
8 - Investment Funds
9 - Derivatives
National Policies
Local Acts, Rules and Policies
Unofficial Consolidated Versions