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Illegal Investment Scheme Shows up on the Web Warns The Manitoba Securities Commission

The Manitoba Securities Commission is alerting the public to an international investment scheme that has recently resurfaced on the Internet in Manitoba. The Nigerian Scheme is illegal and fraudulent." In the past, the letter was mailed to business or personal addresses however, with the advancement of technology, the public should be aware that these scams are going to be showing up on our personal computers," says Doug Brown of the Manitoba Securities Commission.

An investor will recognize the Nigerian Investment scam because the author requests the investment be kept strictly confidential, to send money to Nigeria, and guarantees a rate of return of 30 % or more. This scam is presented in a highly professional manner. The e-mail contains letterhead, the authors credentials and encourages any interested investor to contact the author by phone or fax.

The Securities Commission is warning the public to be wary of letters of this nature for more information on how to protect yourself against Investment fraud, please see the Commissions official web site at or contact Ainsley Cunningham, Education and Information Officer at (204) 945-4733, toll free at 1-800-655-5244 or e-mail at