March 1, 2022

Podcast Shines a Light on Fraudsters’ Dark Secrets

Winnipeg Investment fraud has reached an all-time high in Manitoba—but a new podcast is aiming to help Manitobans spot scams before it’s too late.

On March 1, the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) will launch “Time to Call Out Fraud,” a seven-episode series exposing the increasingly sophisticated tricks today’s criminals use to gain and abuse investors’ trust. It will also feature the dramatic stories of victims who have decided to fight back against fraud.

“We’re trying to shine a light on this topic to give people the facts, and break the stigma surrounding it,” says David Cheop, MSC Chair, and one of the podcast’s featured experts. “That stigma often means victims don't report fraud to authorities, because they feel they may have been foolish, not realizing that many intelligent people have fallen victim to similar crimes.”

Host and MSC Education Manager Ainsley Cunningham will bring listeners on a deep dive into a criminal underworld that can exploit vulnerabilities in any investor—regardless of age or investment experience. With insight from law-enforcement authorities, financial experts and psychologists, listeners will learn about new developments in cryptocurrency fraud, social-media and “romance” scams, and traditional fake investment schemes.

Altogether, these criminal efforts pose a growing problem for our economy. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, more than 100,000 Canadians were victims of fraud in 2021, losing a total of $380 million--more than double the 2020 total of $160 million.

“Huge amounts of money are leaving the province, leaving the country, leaving the economy, never to return,” says Jason Roy, a senior MSC investigator.

The series will also include the voices and stories of real victims, as well as dramatic, real-life recordings of fraud calls, revealing what a fraud-in-progress sounds like.

“I got caught up researching investments and I bought into something that seemed legitimate,” says victim Trevor Parsons. “I didn’t realize it was a scam until the money was gone. I didn’t believe there were people out there callous enough to financially ruin a person’s life.”

“Time to Call Out Fraud” intends to call them out. This first-of-its-kind series will feature new episodes throughout March, in recognition of Fraud Prevention Month.

Episodes will be available on Spotify, YouTube and all popular podcast platforms.

‘Time to Call Out Fraud’ – launches Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 9 a.m. CST.

Featured experts:
Laura Tamblyn Watts, president and chief executive officer of CanAge;
Jake van der Laan, Chief Information Officer, New Brunswick Financial and Consumer Services; Dr. Moira Somers, psychologist and financial writer;
Jana Taylor, Deputy Public Guardian and Trustee of Manitoba;
Detective Mike Streilein, Winnipeg Police Service
Connie Newman, Executive Director, Manitoba Association of Senior Centres;
David Cheop, Chair and CEO, Manitoba Securities Commission;
Jason Roy, senior investigator, Manitoba Securities Commission

Members of the public are advised to contact the MSC if they believe they have been targeted by any type of investment fraud attempt. Get the name of the company, hang up, and call MSC’s anti-fraud line at 1-855-FRAUD-MB.

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