Hearings and Proceedings

Hearings and Proceedings

The Investigation and Enforcement Division investigates suspected violations of The Securities Act and The Commodity Futures Act.

Notices of Hearings and Statements of Allegations

A hearing will be held when issues of violations are brought forward by Manitoba Securities Commissions staff.

The allegations set out in the Statements of Allegations have been drafted as a result of an investigation by Commission Staff. These allegations have not yet been proven or disproven at a hearing.

The Manitoba Securities Commission Pre-Hearing Procedures Policy - February 20, 2004

The following is a current list of hearings that have been scheduled. Click here for Reasons for Decision and Orders of the Commission.

For a current list of Real Estate hearings that have been scheduled click here.

Hearing Dates


Apr. 17-21, 2023
Apr. 24-28, 2023
9:00 a.m.
William George MacKay and Advantage Wealth Systems Inc. - The Securities Act
T.B.A. Jack Hiebert Neufeld, Geoffrey Scott Edgelow and the Jack Neufeld Family Charitable Foundation - The Securities Act

Provincial Court 

Bret Allan Dobbin
The Securities Act
The Mortgage Brokers Act

Jan. 18, 10 a.m. Court 308

Court of Appeal